Trip to the mailbox, inbox, status box…

September 30, 2010

I used to like getting mail. The daily trip to the mailbox was exciting, finding something there, could be a letter from Mom or a friend. When I was in college and graduate school my Mom used to send me postcards, for no real reason except to just let me know she was thinking about me.  But the potential wonder filled trip to the mailbox was before I became a real adult, with a history. Before I got on every direct mail marketing list. Lists that generates tons of useless paper.  Before the electronic age, before email.

a couple of months worth of junk mail

I used to eagerly look forward to getting email. More of my friends had email accounts. I had to use email for work. Near instant communication, an email didn’t cost 32 cents (as it was when I started using email in 1995 or so) and it was easy. You didn’t have to have  enough news for a whole letter, it was quick and informal. But that was before email really became a work tool. Before every spammer on the planet got a hold of my email address. Before the social media age.

Now I look forward to facebook comments and Twitter mentions. A photo posted on facebook costs nothing and shows all your friends pieces of your life. If you have participating friends, this is a 2 way street. There’s no effort required to connect with anyone, it’s just there for you to see whenever you happen to check-in. I know more about what my friends  are doing, more than I would have through a letter or an email. I like that.

What manner of communication will we look forward to receiving in 5 years?


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