The Shoenapper

February 22, 2012

Georgia has taken to stealing shoes. It’s usually when I’m getting ready to leave the house. She can tell if I’m getting ready to go to work or out on the weekends. Dogs are very perceptive that way. Your body language tells them everything.

I’ll be looking to put on my shoes and I’ll find one and have to go hunting for the other. If it’s a situation where I’m going out, I’ll usually find the other shoe in the basement or maybe even in the backyard. There was even that day that a shoe ended up in the backyard and I had to get another pair to retrieve the first, but turned my head for a second and one of the second pair ended up in the backyard as well. Ack!

It’s really a very effective  attention getting tactic. My little shoenapper.

Here’s my gallery of stolen shoes, you might think that I staged this and took strategically placed shoe pictures. I assure you, I did no such thing, there’s no need when real life with Georgia is much more interesting. Of course a gallery of my shoes, is not really that interesting in the first place, but here they are.


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