Your dog can read your mind, or rather your actions

Sometimes it takes me longer to get out of the house than I’d like. It usually happens when I’m going to work. See Georgia knows what day it is and she knows where I’m going and she knows when she will be left behind.

I put my shoes on every day and I tie them, but the first time I put them on every day it means we are going for a walk and Georgia doesn’t want to delay me in that process. Weekdays, after our dog walk, the second time I need to tie my shoes, she will come and sit on my feet, inserting her head neatly in the way of my hands so that she impedes the process of shoe tying. It takes a good 5 minutes of extra love for her to finally give up and cede to the fact that yes, I am going to go to work and leave her at home.

She knows the context of my actions because of the type of clothes I’m wearing, the time of day, the routine of the morning. And she inserts herself hoping to disrupt when it’s not what she wants.

Dog love is beautiful in its simplicity. Stay with me!


Don’t Go!



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