Georgia was probably born in 2003, a fabulously smart German Shepherd. I got her from a shelter when she was about a year old, I think. I was told she had spent 3 months in another shelter and before that a stray. She was the only one at the shelter who wasn’t barking at me, she seemed and they told me she was very well-behaved. Hah. Appearances can be deceiving. When I got her home she had separation anxiety and she chewed everything. I lost a few slippers, socks, books, and my phone still has teeth marks on it. She managed to escape from 2 crates before I finally found one that could hold her. She has so much energy and luckily we met a border collie down the street and they got along really well, they used up a lot of energy wrestling with each other. She’s gotten into a bit of trouble over the years. She was an escape artist. She’s a counter surfer and will eat just about anything. She used to inhale her food, like someone was going to take it away from her, so a little food aggressive. She has a couple of boyfriends, the border collie, Nym, he was the original. And now she’s spending time with Gizmo, a Shitzu- Pekingese mix, he’s about half her size, but loves playing with her. These are our stories.



My name is Catherine Delia, I am currently working in the higher education community supporting e-learning software. I have a background in Libarianship, but of late have tended toward the technology end of education. I’ve a passion for reading, mostly scifi/fantasy these days. I’m a WNBA junkie, rooting for the Washington Mystics as I used to live in DC and I really miss those season tickets. And of course, roommate of this crazy German Shepherd. You can find me on Twitter at catherine_delia or leave a comment. I’m new to the whole blogging thing and am trying to find my voice, which so far is mostly dog related. Hopefully, I won’t turn into an old lady whose whole life revolves around her dog, but I’m already halfway there so bear with me.


2 Responses to About

  1. Stephen C. Reynolds says:

    Dear Catherine,

    I was delighted to discover your posting on online of the 12-12 holiday photo of Fettuccine Ricche alla Emiliana!

    My cousin Sharon introduced me to this dish in the late 70’s when she and her husband visited my wife and me in South Florida. I made fresh fettucine with my Simac Pasta maker and she made the sauce from memory, after seeing it in Bon Appetite or Gourmet. Sadly, the pasta maker and recipe remained with my wife following our divorce and, although, it was an amicable parting, she is not a “saver” and those things are long gone! Sharon has told me the basics for making the sauce. However, if you have the formal recipe from your Dad that you can share with us, it’d be much appreciated!

    Thank you & warmest regards,

    Steve Reynolds
    Beverly, MA 01915

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