Refrigerator: Nemesis

April 7, 2011

Got the new fridge installed and it’s one of those modern-fangled, advanced feature models with an ice maker (actually 2) and water dispenser. We’ve been sitting in the living room and as the fridge cools down it’s making ice. And making ice, is in fact a loud sometimes unexpected sound. Guess who’s getting freaked out by the noise, yep, Georgia. Every time a cube drops, she pops up, paces, looks at the fridge and growls, whines or tries to hide.

In order to get this monstrosity into the house, they had to take off all the doors. And low and behold with the doors sitting in the living room, Georgia pawed at the door, like she does/did with the old fridge. Maybe she somehow knew it was going to be a nemesis.

fridge door


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