Traveling: Big Thinks and Small Noticings

I saw Suessical, The Musical at the Connecticut Repertory Theater this weekend. A fun, high energy homage to Dr. Suess and his many characters. There’s a big number called, “Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!” It’s all about imagination and how anything is possible.

On the 6 1/2 hour drive home I started thinking about all the small things that you don’t consciously notice. So, I started noticing things on the trip.

1. I noticed that Georgia would relax during long stretches but whenever I’d turn the signal on and change lanes or change speeds, she’d pop up to see what was happening.

2. The Goose that I swerved around, made it across the road and all cars were safe.

3. With road noise, a lot of songs on the radio sound like static, I noticed the ones with a lot of cymbals and maybe electric guitar are the worst.

4. Most people traveling are really intent on getting to their destination, but I noticed if you smile at people, they will smile back.

5. The automatic door opener at the Chittenango Service plaza is kind of hidden in a stone wall, I noticed while holding the door open for a woman in a wheel chair after a bunch of us couldn’t find it.

6. If you come up really fast behind me, I will get out of your way at the earliest opportunity, and I noticed most other people will too. Just have patience.

7. The grassy patches in a service area parking lot are nirvana for dogs. I noticed less of a need to watch where I’m stepping these days, however, I’m always looking down, the consequences of not noticing are horrible in an enclosed car, for hours and hours.

What small things are you noticing?

Georgia at the Service Plaza


2 Responses to Traveling: Big Thinks and Small Noticings

  1. Sarah Delia says:

    Thanks for the comment on the musical. I now the title.
    Yes, it makes the drive more interesting when you notice what’s going on around you. Glad you protected the goose.

  2. Sarah says:

    We had a great time with you this past weekend. We had lunch today with the actor who played Horton the Elephant, we were musing on the depth of Dr Seuss’s intentions and thoughts. Nothing he did was ever frivolous or without care. Sometimes people today don’t have time for thinking good thinks, it is important.

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