My German Shepherd Themed Kitchen

I’ve had my new kitchen for a week now and I love it. But, I’m also kind of afraid of it. I’m afraid of using it to spoil all it’s newness. Here are my top moments from the week.

* Dishwashers are magic. You can turn it on before you go to bed and when you wake up you magically have clean dishes.

* Sometimes I just stand and look at it. It’s beautiful. I’ve patted myself on the back quite a few times. I did a really good job of picking everything out.

* A new microwave is powerful. Things cook in just about the time the package says, no need to add time to make up for a 20-year-old microwave.

* Finally used the smooth cook top today after a whole week because I wasn’t quite sure how to use it and it took me that long to unpack the pots and pans. It worked great.

* I will likely need all sorts of new kitchen accoutrements to fit in the space and maximize use of it.

* Georgia is a little afraid of the kitchen too. The oven is still burning off that new smell. The timers all beep differently, they don’t let you forget the time has ended. The ice maker makes all sorts of odd sounds. I’m hoping all these things will prevent her from trying to get into the fridge or the garbage.

* I realized I have a German Shepherd themed kitchen. It’s all black and tan and cream.

German Shepherd Theme Kitchen

German Shepherd Theme Kitchen


One Response to My German Shepherd Themed Kitchen

  1. Tom Delia says:

    Cath, you had better use all of the new space so you can feel even better at what you have done. It looks great and the picture of Georgis surveying the space is great. DAD

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