Christmas Tree Saga of ’10

Seems like we’ve had quite a saga while trying to get the family Christmas  tree in the last few years. See the ’08 saga.

I was traveling home on Sunday, which means everyone waited for me to come home before getting the tree. Since Christmas is on a Saturday this year, It seemed like 5 days would be plenty of time to go out and cut our own tree. Apparently, not many people cut their own trees anymore because there are so few places where you can, at least in our little corner of central Michigan. We went by the place we got the tree last year and the year before, there was a sign in the yard that said closed and there was a gate blocking the driveway. So, finding the owner’s house, Dad stopped and asked. They had closed for the season, they were only open through Sunday, the 19th. Huh?

So, that was it. We had to resort to getting a Christmas tree from a lot. I guess most people get their trees way early so the lot was a little sparse. One comment, “All the trees are either too perfect or oddly shaped”. Well of course we went for the oddly shaped and ended up with one really fat tree.

Fat Tree from the Lot

Fat Tree from the Lot

Luckily, there weren’t any real problems putting the tree up. It was wrapped and so we decided to not cut the wrapping string until we got it in the house. I really don’t think we’d have been able to get it in the house otherwise.  Another facetious comment, heard while cutting off the string, “And why are you in the emergency room? Got crushed by the Christmas tree.”

So, this year’s saga, not quite so dramatic, but still the tradition turned on its ear yet again.

Happy Holidays!

Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree '10


2 Responses to Christmas Tree Saga of ’10

  1. Jen says:

    I have to say that this year there wasn’t any drama. what’s the fun in that? If you all come out for Christmas with us some time, I bet we could create some drama. We could drive over to the coast and go tree hunting over there. That would be fun and a story onto it’s self!

  2. […] constant. I’ve written about them before, like in the Christmas Tree Saga of ’08 or ’10. This year because of work commitments I went home to Michigan for Thanksgiving and my folks and […]

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