What’s a dog to do all day?

Occasionally I work at home if I need to be around for some purpose, today it was the Heating & AC Service. So, I got to observe Georgia’s day around the house and I’d certainly enjoy this dogs life.

She’s looking for attention, but as I settle in at my computer, she takes a walk around the house. She’ll lie on the bed for a while and take a little nap. Then she’ll lay down in front of the living room window and watch the wildlife for a while. Then she’ll go down to the basement and outside to check out her territory, maybe do a little business. She might bark at the squirrels for a bit. Then she’ll come back inside and start all over. Every time she passes by me, she’ll give me a little noser, just to make sure I’m actually really there. If I get up for any reason, she comes running to see what I’m doing and if it’s something she can be involved in, like lunch or a snack or helping the service guy do his job.

So, a dogs life involves a lot of relaxing. At least with me around, she didn’t attempt to break into the refrigerator today. As dinner time approaches she becomes much more active, running from the front to the back of the house because the neighborhood wakes up as people come home and take their dogs out. In fact, she’s telling me right now to get off that damn computer and take her for a walk. Good idea!

Observing the wildlife from the living room window


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