Battle of Wills

Ah Georgia, we have this battle every time we walk by Gizmo’s house. She loves playing there, could also be because they feed her, and Georgia is certainly driven by her stomach. But she thinks we should stop every time we walk by no matter if it’s convenient for Gizmo’s family or not.  If she weighed more than 60 lbs, I might not win this battle.

The progression:

Georgia: “Wait we need to go back, I want to play with Gizmo”

Me: “Come on Georgia we need to finish our walk”

Initial resistance

Georgia: “Hmmph, I want to go back and I’m going to sit here until we do”

Me: “No, we have to keep going”

Sitting to wait me out

Conversation breaks down…

Legs braced and pulling

Now it’s a battle of the wills. Who gives in first?

Braced, pulling and going down so her center of gravity is lower

She does. Yes, I do still have some measure of influence with her.

Here are the lovebirds! They can hardly stay still when they’re together, so I don’t have any really great Gizmo pics.



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