Update on my Eat Well Live Well challenge goal. My original goal was to lose 10lbs in 8 weeks and after 6 weeks, I have lost 7 lbs. Yay! I’m feeling pretty good about it and with 2 weeks to go, I’m confident I can hit my goal. The first 4 weeks I ate a little less and exercised a little more. It didn’t seem to be working or I didn’t feel the difference. Then I started adding in a trip to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week. And that’s when I started to notice the weight dropping, slacks a little looser, face a little thinner.  I could actually drop a size. Woohoo! Excuse for a new wardrobe.

My keys:

  • Set a goal, if I’m working toward something it’s easier to keep myself accountable. Plus, I publically declared my goal, so that’s accountability right there.
  • Discipline, keep at it, I don’t think I’ve skipped the dog walk in the morning and I’m refraining from chowing down on cookies.
  • Don’t buy all the junk, since my cupboards are bare, there’s no way I can cheat and eat it.
  • Find tasty substitutes, I used cucumber slices in place of crackers, for cheese slices or dipping in hummus. No need for a bun with that Boca burger, use tomato slices.
  • Treat yourself every once in a a while, but don’t go overboard.

These are all standard healthy, weight loss goals. But they are working for me, which feels pretty darn good.

cucumber and tomato slices


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