Case of the missing muffin top

I recently made some corn muffins and had a couple while they were still hot. Mmmm. I left them on the back of the stove cooling (silly me). I must have left the room for something, next thing I know, I hear this odd scraping sound and in true Georgia fashion she has pulled the pan of cooling muffins to the front of the stove and started eating. She only got the muffin top by the time I discovered her, but she was certainly feeling pretty good about her little snack.

I think this will go along with the chocolate cake, bundt cake and pumpkin bread in the “Georgia Eats” hall of honor.


Case of the missing muffin top


3 Responses to Case of the missing muffin top

  1. Jen says:

    Go! Georgia! Go!
    The Daniels had a dog named Molly when I was growing up and she ate half of an angel food cake Phyllis had just made from scratch. Molly also would tip the sugar bowl over and try and steal anything she could off the counters. Aren’t pets fun?

  2. Yes, Georgia is certainly an opportunist when it comes to food seeking.

  3. Sarah Delia says:

    Georgia is at it again. Next time cool the baked goods on top of the refrig.

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