Why do we always want fake stuff to look natural?

Why do we always want fake stuff to look natural? The wood grain interiors of a car, rocks that are not really rock, astroturf, dog treats, processed food. This question popped into my head while I was browsing the dog treat aisle. Beggin’ strips have been around a while and there have been some pretty high profile commercials for them. If you don’t know, they are a dog treat styled to look like bacon and even tout that they have real bacon in them. Well, they might have a wee bit of bacon fat, but I’m pretty sure real bacon doesn’t have wheat flour or corn gluten in it.

So, in order to make something familiar to consumers it’s built up to look like something else. The dog certainly doesn’t care that it looks like bacon. Georgia will eat almost anything and she doesn’t care what it looks like. However, as humans we need that familiar aesthetic in order to know it and buy it. So, it’s a packaging thing which leads to marketing which leads to selling which leads to buying. Things that are perceived as familiar are easier to sell. Maybe this is why things don’t change as frequently as they could.

More on this thought soon…


2 Responses to Why do we always want fake stuff to look natural?

  1. Jen says:

    You forgot the fake pepperoni sticks for dogs, forget the name but it was something catchy too. I’ll have you know that my fake bacon is pretty tasty. Frank is enjoying his real bacon though too.

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