Operator Error

There’s been a theme running through Georgia’s antics lately. She’s getting inGarbage strewn aboutto things! I need to channel the Dog Whisperer and take back my house! Last week, the day before trash day, I forgot to close the cabinet lock on the trash cabinet. Why couldn’t I have forgotten on the day after trash day? When I’m not there, although, even when I am, she makes the circuit of all the doors, cabinets and refrigerators that she likes to get into and tries to open them. Things are usually safe unless I forget to make sure that it’s closed. Ack! Which is what happened. There was nothing in the trash last week that made her sick, thankfully. In fact, aside from a few eggshells and carrot peels, I don’t think she was really satisfied.

I have now bookmarked Cesar.


One Response to Operator Error

  1. […] or the garbage cabinet. [awesome runon sentence]  I’ve written about this before in the Operator Error post. Here’s a bit of nostalgia and I think Oscar and Georgia would get along really […]

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