The perils of boredom

After almost 2 weeks of near constant company and attention over the holidays, Georgia had to A Loaf of Breadspend the day by herself when I went back to work. She must have gotten bored because I come home to find a loaf of bread on the floor. Now where did this loaf of bread come from? I thought it was set far back on the counter, in the corner, behind the coffee pot. That coffee pot was no deterrent, she knocked it over so that the dregs spilled all over the counter and under the microwave. And she got the bread, but she didn’t break the bag and eat any. I guess it was just something to do. At least I have a clean counter under the microwave. Opportunities like that don’t come along every day.


One Response to The perils of boredom

  1. Frank says:

    Way to look on the bright side, Cath — clean counters. As for the bread, Georgia probably read that it was about to expire…

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