Georgia Georgia is a 6 yr old German Shepherd. I got her from a shelter when she was about a year old, I think. I was told she had spent 3 months in another shelter and before that a stray. She was the only one at the shelter who wasn’t barking at me, she seemed and they told me she was very well behaved. Hah. Appearances can be decieving. When I got her home she had separation anxiety and she chewed everything. I lost a few slippers, socks, books, and my phone still has teeth marks on it. She managed to escape from 2 crates before I finally found one that could hold her. She has so much energy and luckily we met a border collie down the street and they got along really well, they used up a lot of energy wrestling with each other. She’s gotten into a bit of trouble over the years. She was an escape artist. She’s a counter surfer and will eat just about anything. She used to inhale her food, like someone was going to take it away from her, so a little food aggressive. She has a couple of boyfriends, the border collie, Nym, he was the original. And now she’s spending time with Gizmo, a Shizu- Pekingese mix, he’s about half her size, but loves playing with her. These are our stories.


One Response to Georgia

  1. Helen says:

    What a great story, and a great face!

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